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How to retrieve/decrypt password stored in DBeaver connection
  1. Locate DBeaver connection details file.
    In my case, it was in this location ~/.dbeaver/General/.dbeaver-data-sources.xml. (My DBeaver version was 3.5.8 and it was on Mac OSX Mojave). This file is hidden, so keep that in mind when you look for it.
  2. Locate your interested Datasource Definition node in that file.
  3. Decrypt the password
    Unfortunately, everything is in plain text except password, as you can see. Copy that encrypted password and paste in the above form and click decrypt. Voila! You will decrypted password.

Update for DBeaver 6.0.3
Location of the file is changed to ~/.dbeaver4/General/.dbeaver-data-sources.xml. Just follow rest of the steps

Update for 6.1.3
This method no longer works as the credentials are now stored encrypted in .dbeaver/credentials-config.json JSON file. Refer github.com/dbeaver/dbeaver/wiki/Admin-Manage-Connections.

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